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steaksTop Chef is what we describe as a satiating and complete platter equally shared and enjoyed by epicures, chefs, and owners of restaurants all around the US.
In simpler world, this is the most authentic, comprehensive, and up to date restaurant review site founded with a mission to help raise standards of the culinary industry. We currently boast a list of more than 85,000 restaurants, café’s, and eateries of all sorts in United States alone. We cater not just to the food lovers looking for a fine place to dine, but also to chefs, and restaurateurs and owners who wish to promote their skills, creation, and restaurant to those who seek exactly the flavor they offer.

We hold pride in the fact that our listing contains not just regular restaurants, but also the profiles and reviews of high rated chefs and higher end restaurants. From menus to specialty, from ambiance to the description of the taste it leaves in your mouth, we have it all covered under one umbrella.

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Top Chef is not just your average restaurant review site or a directory of places to eat. We are a full-featured platform bringing together those who love to eat and those who are passionate about making food worth all the love.

foodplatterWe offer a platter full of features that ensures everyone leaves with their appetite satisfied.

  • Restaurant Directory – Finding a new Chinese diner or a cozy café near your place, this directory helps you filter results right according to your preference and view complete restaurant profile. If you are an owner of a restaurant, you can actually take control of the profile and add relevant information.

  • Professional Profiles – Learn all about the most talented chefs and culinary artists in the town. Learn all about their stories as well as their specialties you can’t afford to miss.

  • Reviews and Ratings – Reliable and real reviews of food and eating places provided by actual customers. We let people share their positive opinions as well as horror stories so that others don’t have to experience it.

  • News and Views – From interesting stories about food to all the news about your favorite chefs and cooking shows on TV, our experts will cover all the satiating stories from the industry.


The Cherry on Top

cherryTop Chef, being a one-of-a-kind platform, offers uncountable benefits to restaurant owners. With our review and rating system, we help you understand your customer base, their needs, and improve your service and offering right according to their taste. Moreover, you can enjoy several perks such as.

  • Claim Your Restaurant Listing – If you find your restaurant or café on our directory, claim it! IT’S FREE.

  • Upgrade Your Listing – With easy and affordable monthly or annual plans, you get the freedom to control and update your restaurant profile in terms of content as well as design.

  • Get the Exposure You Need – With our strategic ties in the industry, we can help worthy restaurants and chefs get their well-deserved exposure on national and local television.

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